Thursday, July 1, 2010

Jeffery's Tours Part IV

Today was our last tour with Jeffery. . . too bad, because I really enjoyed his tours (because I love the history of the buildings, and he knows so much about so many that you wouldn't find out about otherwise).  But, we still have three (?) more tours with other people. . . not historical tours, though, which is too bad, too, because I really love the history!

Well, anyway!  Today's tour was about Bernini and Boromini (although we only went to one Boromini church).

We started out in the Piazza del Quirinale, which is an odd piazza because it is monumental in scale, but very irregular in shape.  But, it was nice because it was on the Quirinale hill, so it gave a good view of the city. . .  The statues on the fountain have been in this area for centuries, just repurposed in various ways.

The next thing we did was start our tour of churches, starting with Bernini's churches. . . we went to Santa Maria della Vittoria (with the Cornaro Chapel, the only part done by Bernini), Chiesa di Santa Susanna, and Sant Andrea alle Quirinale (an oval church).

These were all nice churches, definitely baroque in style, but this was my favorite I've seen the whole time I've been here!  It's San Carlino, by Boromini.  I love it because it is more restrained than the typical baroque churches.  Also, we went down to the crypt (where only one or two people are actually buried), and it was absolutely beautiful!  Not to mention, it was nice and cool down there.

We ended our tour at the Palazzo Barberini (which has elements by both Boromini and Bernini) and said goodbye to Jeffery. . . I will miss his tours, that is for sure!  But, while we were at Boromini's church, some girls bought a map of all the churches he designed in Rome, so one of these days were going to go for a walk and check them all out!  I'm looking forward to it!

Also, I promised an update about my delicious Italian meal, but after a harrowing trip to the market (I only had a 50, and no one would break it for me), I didn't have time to get everything I needed, so it looks like Monday I might be able to make my special meal. . . . oh well!

So, tomorrow we're off to Assisi, bright and early, so I'll try to post when I get back on Sunday or Monday.

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