Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Church Hunt

Today started out as a Borromini church hunt, but after the first church, I decided just to go into any church I happened past.  And boy am I glad I did!  Because I saw a some Caravaggio paintings.  But I didn't get to all the Borrominis before the siesta, so I'll do some more another day!

The first church I went to was Saint Agnes in Agony.  The exterior facade was designed by Borromini, but the interior was done by someone else (I don't know who).

The next one I stumbled upon was the Santa Maria dell'Anima by Sangallo (I don't know if it was the younger or the older, though).

After that, I found the Chiesa Nuova. . . I don't know who did this one!

Then I went into the Santuario Nostra Signora del Sacro Cuore de Jesu.

After that, I found another Borromini!  This one was in the Palazzo della Sapiena, and I think the name of it is Sant Ivo, but that might just be an abbreviation.  Over the summer they do concerts in the courtyard in front of the church, so its closed until September, unfortunately.

Next was San Luigi dei Francesi.  This church had three Caravaggio paintings in it! Very exciting!!  But, of course, no pictures were allowed inside.  Sorry!

After that, I went to the Chiesa di Sant Ignazio di Loyola.

Then I went and bought some shoes : )

Then I tried to go to another Borromini church, but it was already closed for the siesta, so I went to a park, put on my new shoes and had lunch with my new friend the pigeon.

Tomorrow some of us are going to the Markets of Trajan, so I'm excited about that!!!

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