Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday Threads - A New Purse

I have been wanting a new purse for quite some time now, but since I had been going to school, I didn't really want another bag to carry around.  So, I had been planning on making a purse first thing after I got out of school, and so I did!

I was inspired by this post from Ruffles and Stuff.  Of course, I made a few changes to make it work better for me.  First, I made the bag much smaller, a few inches all the way around.  It still turned out bigger than I had expected, but I find plenty of stuff to fill it up, of course.

I also wanted to have some pockets on the inside to keep my little things easy to find.  They're about 6" squre when all sewn into the bag.  I just sewed two rectangles together with bias tape I made and then sewed them into the purse after the lining but before the top trim.

I definitely needed a way to close it, too, so I just sewed up some bias tape I made from the main fabric to make little ties to tie it closed.  I am still wanting to make one long strap that will be detachable so that it can go across my shoulder for when I'm biking.  We'll see when that happens. . .

If you want to make your own, here are the templates I used (more or less).  I think if you click on them, they should open up at their original size, so you could use them as patterns, theoretically.

I used a light canvas from the home decor section to help give it a little more durability.  You'll need a 1/2 yard of 45" fabric for the main bag, 1/2 yard of lining (just cut out the main body of the bag in the lining), and 1/2 yard of 45" fabric for the trim.


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