Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Refinishing Hardwood Floors

The old carpet
The one thing we knew we had to get done before we could move in was refinish the hardwood floors in our house.  In order to do that, we had to rip out the wall to wall carpeting that was covering the hardwood, which we hoped was in good condition.

Pulling out the thousands of staples

Luckily, our hopes were fulfilled and there wasn't any of the actual hardwood that needed to be replaced before we could start refinishing.  Once we had all the carpet, pad, and staples out of the floor, we were able to start sanding.

Some bad scratches, but pretty good overall

Since there were quite a few pretty bad scratches in the living and dining rooms, we decided to use a drum sander to take off the old finish and go completely down to the bare wood in those rooms.

The light part is where the drum sander has taken off the finish

After going over those rooms twice (once each with two different grits of sandpaper), we moved on to using the orbital sander, which we used throughout the house to take off most of the finish in the other rooms as well as to further smooth the living and dining rooms.  I think we did three passes with the orbital, each with a progressively finer grit of sandpaper to get the floors nice and smooth before applying the finish.

Clint working the orbital sander

Once we were done with the sanding, we vacuumed all the floors and walls with a shop vac to get up as much dust as possible.  Then, we went over the walls with a damp rag to pick up more dust, to try and keep it from moving around and landing in the finish.  Right before we were ready to put on the first coat of wood sealer, we went over the floors with mineral spirits to make sure they were as clean as possible.

Wiping up with mineral spirits

After the wood sealer had cured for about 24 hours, we went back in with a buffer and buffed the floors, just to rough them up a bit for the finish.  Then, we vacuumed and wiped everything again before putting on the first coat of finish.  24 hours later, we were back to put on the second coat of finish.  Thankfully, we didn't need to buff between coats of finish, since we did them close enough together, so we didn't need to wipe anything down, either.  24 hours after that, the floors were done!

Applying sealer with the t-bar

We were able to go in in our socks and open up all the windows to help the place air out.  Since we used oil based finish to get the rich, warm color we wanted, we had to deal with fumes which sometimes I can still smell a little, nearly three weeks after finishing the floors.  But!  Our floors are done and we are really pleased with the way they turned out!  However, we are still very much in the middle of renovating a bunch of other things, so there are no good "after" pictures yet.  Hopefully there will be some soon, though!

Stay tuned for more projects!



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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Our Little House

Hi There!

Don't think I've totally forgotten about blogging, life has just been so crazy around here lately.  But, I am happy to announce that we finally closed on our house and have actually been living here for over two weeks now!  Things are still crazy; we are still in the middle of several projects, there is still cleaning to be done, and there are still boxes to be unpacked, but we are here.  In our very own home.  And it feels so good!  So, as promised a few pics.  (This is just what we currently have on our computer, without any rhyme or reason so to speak, things will get more organized in the future, I'm sure ;)

In front of our house!

Before: Ugly rock fireplace, ugly stained carpet

During: demo-ing ugly rock fireplace

Before: "Den" off of dining area

During: Clint framing in the wall
During: Ripping up old carpet & pad to reveal hardwood
During: Original brick fireplace & sanding floors to refinish

During: Sanding floors
During: Sanding floors

During: Sweeping up pounds of sanding dust

During: Applying finish to floors

There are no after pics right now because we are still living in the "during" stage of renovations.  I hope in a month or two we will be able to say we are done with the projects we currently are working on, but by then I'm sure we will have started on new projects that won't be done.  I think it is just a continual process when you buy a fifty year old house with the intention of re-doing a lot of things!  Good thing we enjoy this sort of thing!


Tuesday, October 2, 2012


A few weekends ago, we went to a small rode, and it was really fun!  We met up with some friends and enjoyed all the offerings of a rodeo.  My favorites are the mutton bustin' (where little kids ride sheep) and the barrel racing.  Clint, of course, likes the bull riding, but what boy doesn't?

The best part, by far, though, was when Clint won the volunteer contest!  They had volunteers go down and they had to spin around ten times with their head on a bat on the ground, then run to the announcer.  It was pretty funny to watch!

Waiting for instructions

Spinning with head on the bat on the ground

Running to the finish! (yes, that other guy did fall down)

Baby O doing the YMCA
It was a really fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012


A few weeks after we got back from our Utah adventure, we headed off to Hawaii with my parents and sister.

Swimming in the pool

Baby O eating papaya

Biking along the coast

Swimming in the Ocean

Playing in the Sand

Hiked some of the Kalalau Trail (in the rain)

On the beach
Playing in the Ocean with Grandpa

 Horseback riding

Amazing Sunsets



More hiking in the rain
Family Pic
We had a ton of fun hanging out with family in the beautiful tropical paradise that is Kauai!