Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Eat With Me Biscotti!

Well, cookies are a little harder to make than chicken.  A little more was lost in translation. . . at first there were two ingredients I couldn't find (and that didn't translate).  So, I asked about them at the store, and I was able to find one of them: packet of vanilla.  The other, however, was unknown to the ladies at the store.  So, I went to the market outside our apartment and asked a gentleman there.  He didn't know, so he asked someone else, who also didn't know, so they, along with a third person stared at my piece of paper for a while.  Then, one of the men said, "Ah, yes, its the red egg!"  I repeated and asked, "The red egg".  He assured me that's what it was.  So, I went and bought some regular eggs, figuring that would be adequate.

Then, when I got home and translated the directions, I couldn't find them instructing you to use the "red egg", so I left the eggs out at first.  This is what came of it:

They were individual cookies to begin with, but they all melted together. . . so, I tried the second batch, but smaller:

Needless to say, I threw them away and turned down the oven.  Then, I decided to add an egg to the remaining dough (the original recipe called for 5 "red" eggs, so 1 towards the end seemed close enough).  This is what they turned out like:

Yay!  Real Cookies!!!  So, the moral of the story is: Use Eggs!

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