Tuesday, July 27, 2010


If my heart wasn't already unwaveringly with Clint in Oregon, I think I would have left it in Venice. . .

That's how amazing Venice is!!  I would have rather stayed in Venice the whole weekend, instead of going to Vicenza and Verona, too, but more about that later.  For now, let's just dream about Venice!

Me in front of the Palazzo Ducale. . . you know, one of those buildings you see in class, but never really think you'll get to see in person!

The chapel inside the Ducale Palace; pretty pretty!

Saint Marks Cathedral (we didn't go in because the line was way too long!)

It started out sunny, but then it rained (hard!) for a while in the afternoon!

So, we hid (along with everyone else) under the lojas around the Piazza San Marco!

Then, just like that it was over, and the sky was back to blue with fluffy white clouds!

Dinner on the Grand Canal was pretty awesome, too!  I've never had a better sea food pasta in my life!!

And, while we were walking back, we realised there was a lightning storm going on in the distance!

The next day was pretty awesome, too!  People I was with wanted to go to museums, but I'm kinda museum-ed out right now (crazy right!  I love museums, but here they all have the same theme:  ancient Roman sculpture and early Catholic art), so I went and wandered on my own while they went to museums.  And found some nice sights, I think!

The local police!

Well, you know I must have had a good time if I took 361 pictures in two days (and feel the need to share them all with you)!  So, sadly, I left Venice and headed to Vicenza, so I'll tell you about that tale tomorrow! Ciao!!

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