Sunday, July 11, 2010

Palatine Hill!

After the Roman Forum, I went to the Palatine Hill (which connects directly to the Roman Forum), where the leaders of Rome lived in ancient times. . .

I started out in the Farnese Gardens:

The Theatre of the Great Fountain:

View over the Roman Forum:

The Domus Tiberiana:

Then I got a little lost, but found my way again at the Romulean Huts:

House of Augustus:

Then I got lost again (the map was really confusing, and the signage was seriously lacking), but found the Cedars of Lebanon!

The Neronian Cryptoportico:

(Apparently I didn't take any pictures of it, but it was a really cool tunnel that connected ancient houses toghether!)

Then there was the Domus Flavia, which was a really big house/palace built during the Flavian emperors (the same ones who built the Flavian Ampitheater, aka the Colosseum).

I'm not sure where exactly the Domus Flavia stopped and the Domus Augustana (another large house/palace) began, so any of the preceding pics could be of either one. . . but I do know these next ones are of the Stadium!

View of the Colosseum from the Palatine Hill!

There was also the Palatine Museum there, which I would have gone into, but I thought I could only have the audioguide for two hours (because the sign said they would charge you 4 euro every minute over 2 hours you had it), so I went to return it, but realised the return place was past the exit, and you couldn't come back in after you left. . . but then, when I asked the lady, she said, "Or three hour, never mind!" So, I guess it's just an empty threat that they'll charge you extra. . . oh well! Next time, I'll know. . .

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