Monday, July 19, 2010

The Week of Mid-Terms

Last week we had our midterms (on Friday), so I havn't been posting, sorry!  So, here's a quick over-view of last week's highlights!


A few of us went to a really nifty library.  It was in part of an old building (which had been renovated previously) and it was a really sensitive repurposing, I think:

It was the first courtyard I've seen that wasn't completely paved, too!


We went on a tour/walk with Alan Ceen.  This walk was along a road that pre-dates Roman times called the Via Salaria (or the Salt Road), which ran from the Sabine Hills to the Mediterranean, straight through Rome.  So, we went along the part in Rome.  While it might sound fun to walk along an ancient road, it really isn't because I walk throught the streets of Rome all the time, and the Via Salaria dosen't retain any of its (pre) historical character, its been so built over in the modern age (17th century onward).  Only in one spot does it have historical remains, right by the Roman Forum a portion is still paved with the Roman pavers.  But, we started at a part of the Auralian Wall, which was cool!


I went to the Capitoline Mueseum, which wasn't as good as the Vatican Museum (I thought), but I think I missed part of it somehow, which is unfortunate, if I actually missed it.  Oh well!

The real statue of Marcus Auralius:

The real statue of the She-Wolf suckling Romulus and Remus:

Some jewlery Clint could buy me any day:

A monkey for Katie:


We went to Hadrian's Villa, which I think would have been cooler, if I had had a map of the place, because it was so huge I couldn't really understand it.  Plus, I was a little sick from the bus ride and it was really hot, without a lot of shade. . . so I played with camera settings!

Then we went to the Villa de'Este, which had the most lovely gardens!  They had to re-route a river to supply the water to all the fountains, and no wonder!  It was pretty amazing. . .


I took absolutely no pictures because we were working in studio all day, getting ready for the mid term that afternoon.  Blah!

Saturday and Sunday

Amy, Sarada and I went to Florence!  Will post about that later : )

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