Saturday, July 31, 2010

Alan Ceen's Walk Number Two

Yesterday morning we went on our second tour with Alan Ceen (the road guy).  He is such a great scholar, he really knows his stuff.
Anyway, we walked along this important road that linked a bunch of stuff together historically, but today doesn't really follow the same path it did then, so its not quite so important now. . . but important enough to take a tour of, I suppose.

So, here are some of the few pics I took while walking:

We started at the Ponte Sant Angelo:

We saw a plaque where an old theater used to be, but was demolished when the river was widened and the river road was put in:

Then we walked for a little while along the original level of the road (the new road is on top of that wall to the left)

An old villa:

A surviving fountain from an old port that was demolished when they widened the river.  Not in its original location, however:

Another building owned by the Knights of Malta (the other was that place where we could only look through the key-hole into their garden).  It's one of those things in Italy that is owned by a soverign nation, so technically, you're not in Italy when you cross the threshold (like Vatican City, and their other properties scattered around Rome).

We ended up at the Spanish steps, but apparently I didn't take any pictures yesterday, so here are some from a previous trip to the Spanish Steps:

Later that night, there was a huge thunder storm, and it rained tons!  It was pretty exciting:

Sarada and I taking shelter from the storm in the curtains:

I didn't catch any of the lightning, but when I turned the flash on, I caught the raindrops!

And, after the storm quieted down, the beautiful sunset:

Well, today I'm going to Lago di Bacciano, a lake north of Rome, for the day.  It should be fun!

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