Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lago di Bracciano

Today I went to Lake Bracciano just north of Rome.  And it was lovely!!!  A nice change of pace from Rome.

The beaches were small, but not too crowded.

There were boats you could rent (I didn't, but plan to next time!)

And there were swans (Even their ugly duckling baby, too : )

Plus, on the way there, two women stopped me for directions, then while I was there a man stopped in his car and asked me for directions, then on the way back, another man asked me for directions!  I guess after all this time here, I've at least accumulated an air of confidence in my travels : )

I did some watercolours, too.  One just shadows:

And one with colours:

I think they turned out pretty well . . .

And there was a castle!  While I was trying to get to the castle, a man on a scooter asked me if I wanted "passage" on his scooter. I thankfully declined his offer, only to realise I had actually taken the long, steep, way around up to the top of the hill. Maybe that's why he thought I needed passage, because I was crazy to walk that direction!

But I made it to the top!

The square where I sat and watched tons of kids running around playing hide and seek and riding their bikes, and grandparents sitting on benches and parents hanging out, too.  Very relaxing; a totally different atmosphere than the Campo!

I would recommend staying in Bracciano and taking day trips to Rome rather than the other way around.  Its just so much calmer and more relaxing in Bracciano, but there's still plenty to do for entertainment.

Well, that was my day, and a pretty good one, I'd say!  Tomorrow I'm studio-ing it up in the morning and then going to try the Appian Way in the afternoon (since Sunday is the only good day to go, when there isn't any traffic).  Ciao!

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