Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Steens Mountains

A little late, but better than never, I suppose.  On our way to Utah for Cody and Tiffany's wedding, Clint and I stopped in the Steens Mountains for a night.

On the way there, we saw some awesome old buildings.

The Steens Mountains are absolutely stunning.  They were carved out by glaciers, making these huge, steep (incredibly steep!) canyons all over the place.

We had a good time walking around and looking at the scenery (and taking pictures of each other!)

Clint got a bit of a boo boo

We hiked down to a little lake (I can't remember what it's called now) hoping that Clint could catch some fish, but we got there too late.  But, it was still really beautiful down there and we got some cool pictures anyway!

We made it back up to the top before it got completely dark, and watched the sunset from the top of the mountain.

We camped at a really nice campground at the base of the Steens.  The next morning, while we were packing up the truck, something fell out of the tree, and I looked over to see what it was, and it was a snake!  I watched, and the snake slithered back over to the tree, and proceeded to climb right back up!

Well, after one night in the Steens, we headed on in to Utah, and enjoyed Cody and Tiffany's wedding, and then spending time with family, but that's another post, for another night : )

(Yes, those blurry spots are bug-splats on our windshield, gross, I know!)

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