Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Apples, Part 2

39 quarts of apple sauce later, we can fit all the rest of the apples into our refrigerator.  It's pretty exciting!

This is our set up. All outside on the back patio.  Keeps the stickiness away from our house.  And the ants out of our house, too.  Plus, the chickens love when we throw apple peels and cores for them.  And then Daisy gets jealous, so we have to give some to her, too.  Figures.

We set up the camp stove outside for the water bath, too.  It saves so much on clean up!  Thank goodness Clint saw his mom doing this when he was growing up!

Checking the seal by picking up the jar by just the lid.

Mmm. . . applesauce!  It's so good to eat as a snack and really nice for baking, too!

I used the two jars we bought at Jacksonville's city-wide garage sale (for 25 cents!) to put some apple peels in to make apple cider vinegar.  Hopefully it'll work!

And all the rest of the apples fit in our fridge!  Yay!!!  More later on what we do with the rest of them. . .

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