Sunday, September 26, 2010

Apples, Part 1

Saturday my family and I went out to Detering's Orchard and picked some apples.  And by some apples, I mean a lot of apples.  About 120 pounds of various types of apples.  I'm not even sure what types of apples we got, entirely (sometimes the orchard is a little confusing), but there's some big ones, some little ones, and all in all, they're pretty delicious!  Here's some pics:

Clint tasting an apple.
Clint enjoying his apple.
Dad in an apple tree.
Clint in the apple tree, too.

Mom and Dad and some apples.
Mom and Dad from inside a tree.
Me from inside a tree.

Even after the boxes were full, we had to pick more!
Yep, I'd say the box is full!
Four boxes?!  What were we thinking?!
I think the boxes grew when we brought them in the house.

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