Sunday, September 12, 2010


Well, its official, Clint and I are backyard chicken farmers.  We found three laying hens for sale on craigslist and went and got them last Saturday.  Of course, we hadn't gotten anything ready when we went to pick them up, it happened so fast.  So, they spent some time in the old goat pen at my parents.  Then they got out and we almost lost one. . . Clint kinda stepped on it, but she's quite fine now.

Anyway, we halved Daisy's chain-link dog run for a yard for them, and built them a lovely little hen house.

While three chickens might equal half a Daisy, they certainly don't equal one Michelle.  Even though I fit quite comfortably in their house!

We'll paint it red and white sometime soon. . .

We built the house so that we can lock them up at night, so they won't get eaten by racoons.  And yes, I have had nightmares of them getting eaten . . .

The second day we had them (Sunday), we got three eggs from them.  Not bad from three chickens on our first day of chicken farming!  Since then, we've been getting about two per day, which is certianly plenty for us.  Slowly - one egg at a time - we'll make back the money we've spent on them and their food (their house and yard were made with things we already had, or rather scavanged from my parent's).

I think the brown ones are just so pretty!

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