Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Millions of Peaches. . .

Not literally, of course, but at one point it sure felt that way!

Clint and I love going out to Detering's Orchard and picking our own fruit.  Then we bring it home and can it ourselves.  Which is still fun, but not as fun.  I suppose the fun in the canning comes from getting it all done, and seeing the dozen or so cans on a shelf in the garage.

Anyway, we had a great afternoon picking peaches!

When we got home, we canned and canned and canned some more!  We also did a little bit of drying, too!  I'd say we made a pretty good harvest!  Peaches in light syrup, peach salsa, and peach fruit leathers. . . not too shabby!

I'll post our recipes later, along with more description of our canning set-up. . .

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