Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Alsea Falls!

A couple weekends ago Clint and I went for a hike to Alsea Falls. . . it was lovely!  Here's some pictures. . .

The trial up to Alsea Falls.

A cool stump Clint saw.

The Falls!

The best pic we got of all of us in front of the main falls

Us by the smaller, lower, Falls

Clint and Daisy in the water, of course

Daisy realising that the water is really cold!

A pic Clint got from the middle of the stream.

Clint climbing a tree and Daisy wishing she could, too.

Me with the flower Clint picked for me in my hair.

Another spot along the trail with some cool water features.

Alsea Falls is a great day hike, and not too hard, either.  The drive out through the country is beautiful, and filled with awesome old farmhouses to drool over, too, so I'd say well worth a day trip!

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