Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Last Shower

It's official!  I've just had my last shower in Rome!  I know it sounds silly, but lately I've been counting down how much longer I have here by number of times I have to do things.  And right now, I just have to brush my teeth one more time before I come home! Yay!!

Well, anyway, a couple days ago, my professor asked me if I was sad to leave.  I said that there are things I'll miss, but I'm not sad at all.  So that got me thinking, a pro and con list would be a nice way to end the trip.  Or rather a miss and definitely won't miss.

I'll start with things I will miss about Rome:

Chocolate Gelatto
Walking to the buther shop
Walking to the bakery
Walking to the supermarket
Walking to any number of amazing buildings and sites
Strawberry Gelatto
The cheap, reliable, and comprehensive public transportation.  There is literally no where you might want to
       go that you can't get to via cheap public transportation.
Melon (Cantaloupe) Gelatto
Any number of flavors of Gelatto. . .

Hmm. . . I think that's all!

Now, on to what I DEFINITELY will not miss:

Being so freakin far away from my husband!
Being so far away from my family
Being so far away from my dog
Living in an apartment with 9 girls
Living in a 3 bedroom apartment with 9 girls
Living in a 3 bathroom apartment with 9 girls
Living without my Prince Charming
Living with 9 girls and only four burners on the stove
Living with 9 girls and only 2 small refridgerators
Living with 9 girls and only 1 washing machine
Living with 9 girls and virtually no cleaning supplies
Living with 9 girls and even less desire to clean up after each other
Living half a world away from my Clinticus
Living in an apartment right off a hot-spot for night life
Living in an apartment undergoing "restoration" with an advertisement lit at night outside my bedroom
Living in a big, dirty city
Living in a big, dirty city without too many trees near by
Dealing with large tour groups everywhere I want to go
No free public restrooms (when you realise you've spent over 2 euro in one day to pee, you wonder if you
               really need to drink so much water!)
Limited free public seating (the culture here is that you buy something at a restaurant if you want to sit, once
              you've purchased something, though, you can stay as long as you like)
Yep, you guessed it, being away from my man for eight whole weeks!

Well!  Its a good thing my "won't miss" list is longer than my "will miss list", otherwise I might be tempted to stay (tee hee ; )

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