Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Italian Beaches

Well, I think these Italian beaches just may be the death of me. . . oh, sure, they're beautiful, but beware!  They can also be injurious.

The first beach I went to was on Saturday.  After we went to Ostia Antica, all us girls went to the beach out at Ostia (the modern city by Ostia Antica).

We didn't actually go to this beach, we went to a free one farther down, and it was a little dirty.  Right when we got there, we went in the water and it was really murkey, so we couldn't see that there were rocks (or maybe coral, but probably was rocks) not too far from shore, so I ended up cutting my foot and leg on the unseen danger.  It bled profusely and stung a ton (funny how salt does that), but strangely, it looks worse now that it has scabbed over. . . oh well!

Luckily, none of the cuts happened to be on the white part of my foot (aka, where my sandals go), so that was a relief to realise!  Since I didn't want to go back into the salty water, I spent the rest of the day just laying on the beach, enjoying my book, the view, and the sunshine!

The next time I went to the beach was Monday (the day before final review?!  Shocking, I know).  Just three of us went this time, and we went to a much nicer  free beach (clean, no rocks) a little farther away.  Since last time I didn't get sunburned at all - no colour, not even the faintest of tan lines (well, no new ones anyway) - I decided I would wait about ten or fifteen minutes before putting on sunscreen.  Well, the girl who had the sunscreen went to go find a bathroom, and I didn't even think to ask her to leave the sunscreen, cuz how long could it take to find a bathroom?  Too long is the answer, apparently the nearest public one was a good twenty minute walk away, so forty five, fifty minutes later she comes back and by then, its too late, I'm burned to a crisp. . . of course, I didn't realise this until I got home.  So now, I have new lines, but instead of tan lines, they are lobster lines.

And of course, from getting such massive sunburns and not drinking enough water, I got a wee bit of heat exhaustion, which was definitely not fun, either.  I'm telling you, nothing good ever came of me going to the beach in Italy!  Next time, though, I'll just be sure to go to the nice beach, put on sunscreen right away, and drink plenty of water!

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  1. It's a pity to hear that, but it sometimes happens. I wish you more luck next time. Take care!