Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend

Over Mothers Day weekend we took our first family camping trip out to the Kalmiopsis Wilderness.  It was so nice because we were all alone out in the middle of nowhere and the stars were absolutely amazing!  The next day, we hiked along the Illinois River, through part of the Biscuit Fire area.  The trail was really sunny (because most of the old tall trees had been killed in the fire) and had beautiful views around every corner (because most of the old tall trees had been killed in the fire).  On the down side, the trail was covered in poison oak and it was the first time I had really ever worried about ticks.  Fortunately, no one got either of them!  Anyway, it was a really nice start to summer and the perfect way to celebrate Mother's Day!

Bridge at the Illinois River trail head

Baby O falls asleep as soon as we pack him up!

Daisy, ever the mighty huntress, spent most of her time chasing lizards.

Carnivorous pitcher plants growing on the banks of a creek

Lunching by the creek

The whole family!

Just one of the many awesome views

We even made it back in time for church on Sunday

A perfect first Mother's Day!

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  1. Hooray! Happy Mommy's Day to you. Those pics are great. Don't you love the slumbering power of the Ergo?