Thursday, June 21, 2012

Road Trip!

Over Memorial Day weekend we took a road trip to Utah!

We left Thursday afternoon and got to Salt Lake about 5 am Friday morning.  It was a long haul, but Baby slept a lot of the way since it was mostly at night, so that was helpful.  The weather was really gnarly going over, though.  It was cold and windy and there was snow in parts of Oregon, too.  Yuck!

But once we got there, it was tons of fun!  (After we got a few hours of sleep, that is!)


Baby O had tons of fun hanging out with his cousins and grandparents!

Oh, yeah.  I got my hair cut, too.  Thanks Tiffany!

We left Monday morning and got home late Monday night.  Baby O did alright on the way back, but he did have one major melt-down, so we had to stop in the middle of nowhere for a while. . . but we made it home safe and sound, and had a great time overall!


  1. Your hair cut is so cute! Do you like it? I got mine cut in a similar style, but yours is cuter. Really. And I'm okay with that.

  2. Love the pic of your parents hanging out on the side of the road! Loved seeing you guys. Come back soon!