Tuesday, May 8, 2012


A couple weeks ago, we went on a hike with some friends who took us to the Avenue of Giant Boulders, Mill Creek Falls, and the Rogue River Gorge.  It was a beautiful day for hiking and we were so excited to get out into the woods for some family fun!  Plus, Daisy really appreciated getting to run around - and she even made a new friend with our friends' dog.  All in all, it was a good day!

Daisy enjoying the view
Baby O slept most of the time in the ergo
Mill Creek Falls

Sleepy Baby!

Mill Creek Falls

Avenue of Giant Boulders - Clint climbing a boulder, with Baby O, of course!

A little cave created by the boulders

Rogue River at the entrance to the Gorge
Rogue River in the Gorge - the picture does not do it justice!

A good day!


  1. fun! Does Daisy feel important carrying a pack around?

    1. Yes! She is the most accessorized dog we know and she gets so excited when we pull out any of her gear :)

  2. If you ever want a really fun and easy afternoon hike, kinda on a whim. Go up to Jacksonville, there's tons of trails above the old cemetary. Plus, the cemetary itself is very intersting.