Thursday, March 8, 2012

Starting Seeds

We are a little slow getting seeds started this year, but with moving and getting ready to have a baby, I think we can excuse ourselves for being a bit tardy.  Better late than never, right!

Since we go rid of our cold frame and 4" pots when we moved the first time, we needed something else to start our seeds in this year.  So, we bought a couple seed starter kits that were on sale at Bi-Mart.  Each kit had 36 pellets in it, so that gave us 72 starts.

Here's a list of what we have started:

Egg Plants
4 types of peppers
4 types of tomatoes
2 types of basil
2 types of broccoli
Luffa gourds

Plus, we have a lot more seeds that we want to direct sow in a few weeks.

We are currently on the waiting list for a plot at a community garden, so hopefully that will work out, so that we can have some place to put our plants when they get too big for their little greenhouses.  If not, I guess we'll be buying 72 pots to put on our back patio!

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