Tuesday, March 6, 2012


First, a belly picture!

38 weeks pregnant - about 2 weeks to go!

Just a quick update: we now live in Medford!  I know, we just moved to Roseburg in December, but then a job offer came up at the public defenders in Medford, and we decided it would be best for us to go ahead and take this opportunity.  And I have to say, I am much happier here in Medford than I was in Roseburg.  For some reason, Roseburg just never felt like home, but Medford already does.  So, I think we made the right choice.

Our first fire

And you know what the best part is about our new house?
We have a fireplace!
We have done a few fires and they're so cozy!

The worst part about our new house?
We don't have a dishwasher.
I don't think you need a picture to know what that means our kitchen sink looks like. . .

Snowy view from my kitchen window

The weather here has been typically spring, which is to say crazy!  Since we've lived here (a grand total of three weeks, I think) we've had snow two or three times, some rain, plenty of sun, and I wouldn't be surprised if it got up to 70 this past weekend.  But now its trying to snow again today.  Go figure.

Anyway, just thought I'd give you all a quick update on our crazy lives.  Basically, we're just waiting for Baby to get here!  I'm sure there will be plenty of cute pictures to go around when that happens . . .


  1. Michelle you look adorable! Hope you are feeling great! How exciting that you moved to Medford! I love it there! Congrats! You will have to keep us posted :)

    1. Thanks! We're loving it here too! And I am definitely planning on keeping people posted!

  2. omgosh Michelle you're getting so big! (in an adorable pregnant way) what area are you living in in Medford? We all miss you at Mangiamo although I'm sure your enjoying your hubby and baby.

    1. Thanks Kayla! I do feel big, but I think I look bigger than I feel, so that's good. We're living in a lovely neighborhood in east Medford. I went to the mall yesterday and walked by Starbucks and the smell of coffee reminded me of Mangiamo and made me think of you all! Say hi to K'Lynn and everyone else for me!