Tuesday, June 14, 2011


These past few weeks have been a marathon of graduation celebrations.  First, we started out with Clint's law school graduation back in May.  Since then, he's been studying like a mad man for the bar exam at the end of July.

He's the one in green, of course!

He came to Eugene for law school and found
a wife along the way!

Next, Katie had a couple graduation ceremonies from high school.

Katie (the tall blond one) and her friend
from elementary school

Finally, I got to graduate from architecture school yesterday!  This means I actually have time to do fun stuff now (which I'll be sharing in this blog).

I'm the short girl next to the tall boy
Is it just me, or does nobody look very
good in these things?
Three generations of U of O graduates.
Both Grandmas, Mom, and Me!
I couldn't have done it without you!
Well, I'm excited for the summer and whatever is coming up next in our lives.  I think I'll be posting some of what I am doing now as well as some of what I've been working on this last year at school, (and of course, fun stuff Clint and I do together) so hopefully this blog will have a nice mix of subjects, and I hope nothing will be too boring for anyone!

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