Monday, December 13, 2010

Autumn Bordering on Winter

So, I know its technically still fall, but around here its been feeling a lot like winter.  And by winter I, of course, mean torrential dowpours and constantly grey skys.  Because that's what we get here in the Valley.
A few weeks ago Clint and I drove to my Grandma Alice's house to spend the weekend with her over at Crooked River Ranch.  We don't have many pictures from that trip, but it was nice and relaxing as Grandma's house always is!

Over the mountains and through the woods
to Grandmother's house we go!
Clint, Daisy, and Grandma
Then we took a couple extra days off school to go to Utah for Thanksgiving.  The weather delayed us, so we got there a little later than we had expected, but it turned out to be just in time, because it blizzarded that night.  It was really bad, we couldn't even see to the end of the block and the wind was seriously blowing in all different directions!  Well, anyway, it was exciting for me, since it was my first blizzard ever!

We could hardly see the flag on the front porch!

Izzy watching the snow
Clint and Cody had to play on the 4 wheeler in the Blizzard
I even took a ride with Clint,
and yes, it was freezing!
I never can resist making a snow angel : )
The house is always a little crazy, but definitely fun!
See?  Fun!
But we try and have quiet time, too.

On Thanksgiving Day we went to Grandma and Grandpa Oborn's to set up their nativity scene for them.  It's quite spectacular, and they made it all, too!

Clint and Dad putting it together.
They slowly gained on-lookers. . .
And more on-lookers. . .
And more!  Grandpa kept saying there were too many
chiefs and not enough indians.  I agreed and went inside
to help out there.
Thanksgiving dinner was spectacular, of course, and after we went over the Janae and Jarad's to spend some quality time holding Carter!

I spent some good times holding him the
next day, too!

We always love our trips to Utah and we're looking forward to our next one!

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