Saturday, October 30, 2010


Well, Fall is almost over and while we've been busy with schoolwork, we have also had time to do plenty of fun things this season!  Here's some of what we've been up to:

Elija Bristow State Park!

Clint "holding up" a tree.
Me tossing leaves in the air.
Daisy running through a tube at the dog park.
Pumpkin Walk at Hentze Farm:

My head on a platter. . .
Spooky Clint. . .
Some fun pumpkins from the walk!

Pumpkin Patch at Thistledown Farm:

Goat eating a pumpkin : )
Clint playing on the pumpkin cart.

With our pumpkins!

Our beautiful Oreogn!
Keeping the pumpkins safe!

Spending the afternoon at Fall Creek:
The beautiful fall colours!
Daisy had fun, too.
I fell and lost the camera, so we
went back and Clint found it.
This is me celebrating his find.
We carved pumpkins, too, of course!

It was difficult to get through the top.
We watched Charlie Brown earlier, so we decided that
would be a good theme this year!

Well, that's been it so far this autumn, but we still have a couple things left to do, like hand out candy tomorrow night and go to Utah for Thanksgiving (and hold a baby!), so we're looking forward to that!

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