Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Sunday while we were at church it started to snow, so they cancelled church and sent us all home.

Our downtown as we drove home.
 As you can see, there wasn't much snow, but since we're not used to it here in the valley, we tend to get a little freaked out about it.  Clint thought I was joking when I told him they were cancelling church, and his mom laughed when we told her.

There was enough snow to make a snow ball, though!

A belly picture!  With Daisy running wild in the background.

 Since it was a holiday yesterday, Clint got the day off!  So, we went for a short hike along the North Umpqua Trail.

 There was a couple inches of snow on the ground, so it was really pretty to get to see the river and forest all covered in snow.

Some of Clint's pictures. . . he's pretty good, I think!

We hiked about 1 3/4 miles in to Fern Falls which were also very pretty!

It was so nice to get outside for a while, even if I did tire out pretty quickly and am a little sore today.  But still, it was worth it!

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  1. I think Clints pictures are good too.
    Love Mom G.